Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Thousand Islands area

Well here we are, in the Thousand Islands area of eastern Lake Ontario & the Saint Lawrence River. This could easily be called the Ten Thousand Islands, or the Ten Million Islands. There are also a *lot* of rocks!

We travelled about 70 miles diagonally across the south east side of Lake Ontario, from Sodus Bay to Sacket's Harbor. This little town has a lot of history, and was the site of one of the most strategically important battles in U.S. history... I think we can agree that things would have been very different if New York had become part of Canada!

The lake was very calm for this crossing. The autopilot steered us on a course right for Stony Point; for a while we were out of sight of land. On the map, I patched in a bathymetric plot of eastern Lake Ontario. It is very deep and there are steep canyons & ridges along the bottom. We did not cross the deepest part, but I saw the number 556 on our depth sounder.

Here is a link to the NOAA website with more bathymetric info, for those who are interested.

The shoreline here is very steep & rocky. This is a view looking eastward past Stony Point and the islands protecting Henderson Bay.

From Sacket's Harbor we went northward into the beginning of the Saint Lawrence River. The southern tip of this area is Tibbet's Point. This photo shows the Tibbet's Point Lighthouse.

Once we were past Tibbet's Point and the southern shore of Wolfe Island (named after the British general, not because many wolves live there), we were officially among the Thousand Islands.

This photo shows a fancy house with a tower on Calumet Island. It also shows one of the gazillions of rocks which make this area a challenge to navigate.

But we did navigate safely, and reached a very pretty harbor for the evening.

Here is a photo of our anchorage near Picton Island. Bob & Sue in 'Tom-Kat' have already anchored securely.

We like to keep our favorite anchorage secret, since crowds tend to ruin it. But since this is already a popular spot, we are going to reveal the location (link to MapQuest).

We send our best wishes to all
Doug & Kathie

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