Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Haven't you left yet?"

When we were preparing to leave North Carolina, we were delayed by projects and indirectly, weather (the timing of wind and rain slowed completion of projects, most of which were being done outdoors). We wanted to leave by May 1 to reach upstate NY and Canada early in the cruising season for more time in places that are far from North Carolina. We finally left NC on May 19 and people asked “haven’t you left yet?” We learned was that “soon” is a better reply because there are so many variables.

We have been in a similar situation on the south shore of Lake Ontario, waiting for the wind to calm down so that the lake will smooth out; our boat isn’t very comfortable when waves are over 2 feet and definitely not with waves over 3 feet! While waiting, we have enjoyed the congenial company at the marina where my cousins keep their boat. We had a marvelous breakfast in Sodus Point with Bob’s mother Ellen (see photo), who has a cheerful laugh and is a great conversationalist.

Doug has also been adding a cam cleat to our hoist for the dinghy, requiring some fiberglass work for the support. Here's a family photo with Doug's basket of fiberglass supplies. As always, Hank is a big help!

We have exhaustively shopped and restocked, and on the way, found some great local places to eat, especially ice cream and frozen yogurt! Lest you think that we will be deprived of goodies while on the water, Doug and Sue, my cousin’s wife, are baking pies!

Doug’s friend Martin is hoping for a sweet potato pie when we reach Wolfe Island in the Thousand Islands. So, last night just to be sure that our boat’s oven is adequate for producing this delicacy, last night he baked another S.P. pie, this time for friends in the marina.

It was terrific to host them in our aft cabin; thanks to Bob and Sue for wine to accompany the pie!

So, hopefully we’ll be up in the Thousand Islands soon. Today is beautiful and calm, and hopefully tomorrow when we plan to depart, it will be the same. We hope that you are well and happy! Kathie and Doug

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