Thursday, June 28, 2007

Canada Info & More T.I. pics

Hello again: We are about to head across the St. Lawrence River to Gananoque, entering Canada. It is easier to cross the border once and stay on the Canadian side until we re-enter the US in the waters surrounding Michigan.

Our cell phone coverage is more limited in Canada but we do have coverage. Data (using our air card to read e-mail and to update our blog) is limited to what we can do in wireless cafes, libraries, or piggybackingo onto an unsecured network. So don't be worried if you hear from us less frequently! We will be writing blogs and selecting pictures for the blog as we go; you may see massive uploads periodically!

The Thousand Islands are beautiful. There are lots of rocks and many are extremely difficult to see. This is one of the more prominent ones!

Many islands have beautiful homes. This is Calumet Island, with an interesting tower along with other structures. This island was formerly owned by an industrial magnate, and is now a bed and breakfast, available by the week.

Here's an island with a more modest home. We love looking at the scenery and how people have fit their lives into the landscape.

Here's how we socialize on the water! This is a photo of Bob and Sue a few days ago when we were anchored in the bay near Picton Island.

You'll hear from us again as soon as we have wireless access in Canada!

Best wishes, Kathie and Doug

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