Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Anchored in another very pretty spot on the upper Hudson

Here is a picture of Doug teaching Hank to row. Actually he was going for an unconventional walk. This is how real cruising dogs do it; this photo was taken a few days back in Rondout Creek.

Isn't this the most stable rowing dinghy you ever saw? When the picture was taken, the dog (70 lbs) had just been jumping from the bow seat to the side of the center seat.

This is the lighthouse at the entrance to Rondout Creek at Kingston, NY. In the 1800s the Delaware & Hudson canal connected this point to Port Jervis on the Delaware River. It was an important shipping route for bringing the coal of eastern Pennsylvania to energy-hungry industries in New England.

This picture shows the strong current flowing. We had a bit of a difficult start this morning, due to strong current trying to push us backwards into the dock. That same current was against us almost all the way, reducing our usual 7 1/2 knots (about 9 1/2 mph) to around six. Still, we made good progress up the river.

The lighthouse at the mouth of Esopus Creek, which flows into the Hudson from the west near the town of Saugerties.

We encountered this large vessel coming downriver. It's actually two vessels, a barge with a notched stern and a tugboat with it's bow mated to the notch.

One of the difficult things about cruising the Hudson River is that not only is there a lot of commercial traffic to avoid, there are also trains on both banks of the river. When a train comes up behind us, the rumbling & the horn sound like a ship about to run us down.

Here is a photo of the lighthouse at Athens & Hudson. There is a large island in the middle of the river, with this lighthouse marking the southern end of the island's shoal. In 1850 a steamboat wrecked on this shoal with the loss of 50 lives. The main channel goes to the east (right-hand side in this photo) and the west channel, the Athens side, is a popular anchorage.

Okay, this part should be a link to show you our anchorage

Tomorrow, with good luck, the Winnie W. should complete the journey up the Hudson River to Waterford NY and enter the Erie Canal.

We hope you all are doing well.

Doug & Kathie

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