Saturday, June 16, 2007

Locking through; now we're on Lake Ontario

As of 11:15am today, we have completed 23 locks on the Erie Canal and 7 locks on the Oswego Canal (there is no lock #4). Locking can be intimidating but we have learned how to do it and have a system. Here's an action photo of us "locking through," taken by Annemarie from Karma as they locked through ahead of us in the Erie Canal.

Yesterday (6/15), we reached the junction of the Erie Canal with the Oswego Canal at Three Rivers, where the Oneida and Seneca Rivers form the Oswego River. Here's what the helm station looks like as we navigate! Charts and guidebooks, the ship's log; it's easier to keep track if we move a "stickie" arrow along the chart.

James, here' what I was photographing while you were on the phone!

We headed north on the Oswego Canal and spent the night at the free dock between locks 7 and 8. We were welcomed by Ron and Jean from Dubhe; we'd met them in Kingston earlier this month.

Here's a photo of the Winnie W at the free dock. We are in the Erie Canal with the lock visible behind us, and the Oswego River with the falls to the right of us in the photo.

Here's a photo of the lighthouse station at the end of the jetty at Oswego, as we entered Lake Ontario.

We're now on our way across Lake Ontario to Sodus Bay where we will meet my cousin Bob and his wife Sue on Tom-Kat. Tonight their friends Jim and Barb on Reach are having a Bon Voyage picnic to celebrate that Bob and Sue are starting the Great Loop this week! You can follow Bob and Sue's progress on the Loop at this link

Best wishes, Kathie and Doug

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