Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's all about Hank

One thing we like about the Winnie W is that she is a dog-friendly vessel. The ladderways are short & not too steep, the high bulwarks & railings help keep him from falling overboard, and we have plenty of stowage for dog food.

Here is a photo of Doug working on the netting around the bow pulpit. Hank came along to supervise and then decided that Doug was doing a good enough job. We were crossing Oneida Lake when this photo was snapped.

We added the netting for safety and also built a ramp to make boarding & going ashore easier & safer for Hank. He's athletic & fearless about leaping from the boat, however we want to encourage him to stay aboard at all times unless specifically allowed.

Sorry for the slight blurriness of these pics but the action was hard enough to catch.

One of the best rewards of cruising with a dog: Hank makes friends everywhere we go. These little girls decided to help us give Hank his exercise; later on they had him running up & down the kid's slide on the playground.

Hope you all are well & happy.
Doug & Kathie

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