Sunday, July 8, 2007

Further on the Trent-Severn

Now we are several days into the Trent-Severn Waterway. The best way to cruise is to ignore the calendar; trying to stick to a schedule can lead to all sorts of trouble with the boat, weather, etc. We have an AGLCA Rendezvous (see link on our home page) in Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, on the far end of the waterway in two weeks; other than that, we are free to explore & enjoy the Trent-Severn with no time pressure.

But first, another flashback. In Trenton we visited the Royal Canadian Air Force Museum (link) which has the world's only existing Halifax heavy bomber, one of the Allies' best airplanes of World War II.

In the first pic, you can see that the restored Halifax (link) is missing it's starboard outboard propellor (furthest left); but you can also gain an idea of just how formidable the Halifax was; this is the only Halifax that was in service during WWII. We were given an excellent introduction to the museum and the Canadian military by our guide who was a volunteer at the museum; he was very well informed about the recovery (from a fjord in Norway) and restoration of this plane.

Here's a photo of Doug near the tail gunner's turret.

Here's the view from the marina at Trenton, at the mouth of the Trent River. Going under the bridge are our friends Russ & Duffy in their boat, 'Work of Art.' They have almost completed the Great Loop cruise that they started last year from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Soon after, we entered the 'Gateway to the Trent-Severn' ourselves and were greeted by crowds of weekend fisherman along the banks. Here is a charming little boy with his family.

Here we are tied up along the Trent River. This is at the lock wall of Lock 7 "the Flower Lock" at Glen Ross. All the locks are operated by the Canadian Parks personnel and they are great!

(link to Mapquest map of this location)

This was an idyllic place to spend the night. We loved the flowers & Hank enjoyed romping in the woods. In fact, Sue on Tom-Kat (the left boat) told us "there was a large animal in the woods this morning" when we got back from his walk!

Hope you all are well & happy
Doug & Kathie

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