Sunday, July 8, 2007

Getting to the Trent-Severn Waterway, a look behind

With slight apology for the flashback, we are posting a map of where we've been and some photos of the last week or so.

Here is a map that shows our route since leaving Kingston, Ontario, up to when we began the Trent-Severn Waterway in Trenton, Ontario.

The weather was turning rough as we left Kingston; the wind shifted to the south and started increasing. Fortunately, we had sheltered water for most of that day's run except for the gap between Wolfe Island and Amherst Island, and a brief open passage on the west of Amherst I. We zig-zagged to avoid taking the waves directly on on our beam, like a sailing vessel tacking to get upwind. The shoals made this a bigger challenge too.

Speaking of sailing vessels... Here is a photo that Kathie took of a brigantine sailing just west of Amherst Island. Despite choppy seas, we saw it in the distance and headed out a mile or so into the lake to get closer for better pics. Then the skipper of the brigantine obligingly gybed and headed right next to us!

Here is another pic of this beautiful sailing vessel. We assumed the gunports did not have loaded cannon behind them, or we would have been in a bad spot.

We anchored overnight in Prinyer's Cove, then headed around the corner to the historic town of Picton. This town has a great harbor at the southernmost tip of the Bay of Quinte

(link to Mapquest: Picton Ontario)

This sign stands in front of the courthouse, and is pretty much self-explanatory. Don't you wonder about the nature of Mr. Macdonald's 'practical joke'?

The courthouse itself is a very handsome classical structure. We biked around the town, saw scenery and homes, and met people.

Meeting people has been one of the highlights of the trip. We struck up a conversation with Ted and Wendy (and their long-haired miniature dachsund Henry) when they saw Doug's folding bicycle (looks like a Howdy Doody machine!).

We later met Ric and Aili when we were perusing a map in front of their home; they found out that their house is on one of the walking tours! Ric asked if we were lost; we showed him the walking tour brochure, and one thing led to another, with us enjoying a visit with them in their backyard garden and their home which was built in 1835. We learned about "coffin shelves" and other features in homes of that era.

There are a lot of beautiful & historic houses in Picton. This one is is not the most beautiful, but we thought it was unique and worth a look. Built in the 1830s, the house is a trapezoid to get every bit of available space up to the property line!

Here is a photo (from a few days back) of Kathie and Doug enjoying a tour of the Thousand Islands. It was quite windy that day, especially on the third deck of the tour boat to Boldt Castle.

We hope you all are well & happy, thanks for stopping in!

Doug & Kathie

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