Monday, July 9, 2007


Here's a link to where we were in Campbellford. This morning we are headed further west on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

The Trent-Severn Waterway between Glen Ross (where we were the night before last) and Campbellford (where we were last night) is surprisingly marshy. In fact, ahead of us today is a lake named Rice Lake!

Houses are in idyllic settings along the waterway.

Here's a house with a view of the marsh- what a spectacular location!

There are also farms along the waterway.

Here's the same farm from a different angle.

This is a funny sign on a store near one of the locks we passed.

The store itself.

We spent yesterday afternoon in Campbellford. These are houses we saw as we were heading into town.

Here's an especially pretty house.

There is a suspension bridge on the east end of the town, just north of Locks 11 & 12. Lock 11 leads into Lock 12, which makes it a "flight" of locks.
We biked out to see the bridge and the falls. I have bicycled more each day than in the last ten years! We are staying fit.

The falls aren't very high right now.

This was an interesting view, across from where we were docked last night: the firehouse has a steeple that is lit up at night! The color of the sky is a bit off, but pretty good for a night photo.

We hope that you are well and happy, Kathie and Doug

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