Sunday, May 20, 2007

What a great day!

Today was just unbelievable (Kathie speaking). A terrific day, and it’s not over yet!

This morning, we went from Lower Broad Creek to Hobucken (distance about 15 miles around Maw Point) to meet our friend Pamela who was bringing Hank’s dog bed (how could we forget his bed? we have everything from paperwork to toys to food and medical supplies for the pooch). The journey that took us 4 hours yesterday plus 2.5 hours today was about 40 minutes driving time for her (one way) to meet us at the old crab house dock in Hobucken, along the Intracoastal Waterway… our cruising speed is about 7mph. Even with only a light morning northwesterly wind, the boat was rolling at Maw Point, salt water was splashing up to the windshield, and Hank didn’t like it a bit.

Doug pulled up the anchor, we navigated out into the Neuse River, and turned on the SSB radio. This winter we obtained ham radio licenses so we could participate in the Cruisers’ Nets, and hear the cruising scuttlebutt, weather etc. We fumbled a bit in selecting the correct station at 7:45am for the “Water Way Radio Cruising Club,” but are enjoying the ham radio on board! The moderator asked for newbies, and Doug chatted and reported our position, and then “met” a ham friend of Doug’s dad, who is a long-time ham.

We arrived at Hobucken at about 9:30am and enjoyed the beautiful day while we waited for Pamela; we watched the various boats go by, finished organizing our storage, and Doug biked around the area. Several boats had AGLCA burgees flying, which made us feel that we aren’t *so* far behind the folks proceeding in this year’s seasonal counter-clockwise rotation! We hope to be in Lake Ontario the first week in June where our cousins Bob and Sue will join us when they start the Loop; it has been so helpful to talk with them about planning this adventure!

Pamela, Hank’s godmother, arrived with Hank’s bed and sundries that will make us more comfortable. It’s been so warm recently that we just weren’t thinking about warm shirts etc, and her arrival with the bed, clothes, and odds and ends (including a metal hoist for our dinghy from our boat storage room) was a life-saver! We had a relaxed visit and lunch.

Hank has adapted successfully as the attached photos show, enjoying the view from the Winnie and relaxing both inside and outside, plus, learning to “do his thing” on the boat (we have a litter box with grass for encouragement).

So, we are proceeding up the Pungo River, expect to anchor here overnight, and continue our journey north tomorrow. We hope that you are well and happy! Kathie and Doug

PS: Doug would like to report that we saw dolphins yesterday on the Neuse River!

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