Saturday, May 19, 2007

Now we are on the way!

This morning we spent some time thrashing around trying to figure out what paperwork we should bring along to try and "catch up." At first we were going to bring several briefcases worth, in the end we decided to only bring a few folders. Then it was time to clean up the house. That took up a lot of time too, but we certainly don't want to come home to a mess. And there's no way we're leaving the place like *this* for strangers to see if, you know, something should happen.

So at a little after 4pm, the engine was cranked up and we untied the docklines. Our good friend John was there to see us off. Perfect timing! John took a picture as we pulled out, and gave us his wishes for a bon voyage. About halfway out of the slip, I called back "We're having a GREAT trip so far!" We also called out farewells to several of our marina neighbors. Vinnie the wise guy hollered to us "Write if you find work!"

After several hours run down the Neuse River, we rounded Minnesott Pt. The autopilot was steering us well, although it had a slight tendency to yaw in the westerly chop. Hank settled in like home & fetched a favorite toy for me to play tug-o-war with him. Checking carefully on the chart & almanac, we realized that we could not pass out of the Neuse River until after dark. So, at the last anchorage before Maw Point, we pulled in for the night. The picture is of Hank supervising our navigation into the creek.

Here we are, securely anchored in Lower Broad Creek. We had a quick bite to eat and Kathie popped a bottle of champagne, gift from Pamela & Alex. Thanks! We are really loving our first day of the Great Loop!

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