Thursday, May 17, 2007

All Systems "GO" again

Back when we were young(er) and space launches were big news, most of the nation would eagerly watch the countdown on TV as the astronauts climbed in, the rocket was pumped up, and everything that could be monitored was being checked out by Mission Control. Every minute or so as the lift-off (hopefully) approached, a grave voice would announce "All Systems Are GO."

So you kids who never watched a live Gemini or Apollo launch, that's where this common phrase came from.

If a problem was detected, of course the voice never announced that all systems were STOP but we didn't need to hear that part.

After Tuesday's engine failure, our Great Loop was definitely a stop, or at least a "not going for a while." After what seemed like a million tries to find a stoppage in the fuel system or a problem with the lift pump, all systems are once again GO. We took a brief run out on the Neuse River, taking the engine up to higher power than we normally cruise at.... WOW eight knots is a rush! Still had a minor fluctuation at high RPMs which could be explained by many things, but at normal cruising RPM the engine seems to be running perfectly. I hope that the little happy-face picture doesn't jinx us.... too bad....

Last night we loaded on about a ton (literally!) of food, most of our other stores are aboard already. We still have some household chores ashore, and a few more things to load & stow. But we are getting pretty close to untying the lines.

This last picture is what the boat looks like when running... hopefully a view that will be common in the near future!

Doug & Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Kathie and Doug,

You're almost there! Bon Voyage, and hope to see you in Norfolk!

Merrie and Mike
s/v Adagio