Monday, November 5, 2007

A Brief, But Very Nice, Photo Retrospective

Hello all: We're pausing briefly in Chattanooga to sightsee and do boat projects; Doug says it's so Hank can get his four walks each day!
Here are three more of the photos that Kathie took on the Hiwassee River.

We are lucky to have been able to make this side trip off the Great Loop; it is a beautiful place.

It may be a big yawn for others, but we are fascinated to be on the water, and the sunset light on the rocks & trees with their reflections are among the loveliest we've seen anywhere. The photos truly don't do it justice, but these come closer than most.

Another reflective shot: the water is so still that you almost can't tell which way the photo is rightside up. I know; I tried inverting the picture and showing it to people who either didn't catch it at all, or took a long look before catching it.

In contrast to the shining clarity of the last few photos, here's one that is rather foggy. It's also the latest entry in our long-running "Hank In The Dinghy" series.

In the creek leading to one of our recent anchorages, we saw a popular turtle hang-out. The guy on the far right has climbed a 45-degree angle to the tip of the exposed branch. An athlete and daredevil among turtles!

We'll keep you posted on our latest exploits! Doug and Kathie


Team Brazo said...

It has been great following your blog entries -- I'm certainly jealous with our Sundowner in winter storage for the next 7 months. But I can "live" through your blog entries.

Have a great time...

1990 32' Sundowner Pilothouse "BRAZO"
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Winnie W. said...

Winter Storage?!? What's up with that? With such a great boat, you all should be cruising down here (or further south) too!


Team Brazo said...

Ya, I agree!!

Ben said...

Hi Doug and Kathy -
I am missing a good deal of housework thanks to your blog! :) Debbie is going to scowl at me.

We are missing our old boat. But our kids are of the age where we can't toss them in the back of the truck and cart them down to New Bern or Sea Gate every weekend, and the economics have changed since we last bought gas for twins at $1.39.

So, we work and pay the bills, and taxi the kids to every sport or interest. Lately we've been going to the coast again. Looked at a boat in Hampstead. Got the fever mildly once more.

Anyway, your blog has been helpful in that we're not in "buying orientation" at the moment, but definitely scouting for the longer term ahead. While we get excited at a 40' sundeck with twins, following your blog has brought me down to Earth.

I kept thinking Sundecks were the way to go, but I think only if you come down for the weekends and scoot over to South River or Shackleford. They're bigger and taller than we really need. Your Sundowner makes alot of sense. The pilothouse layout continues to impress me. I really like the salty look too. Apologies for the boat-crush!

Anyway, how does it feel six months on? I keep reading the blog to see for those signs of psychosis, like happens on the space stations. Funny, we always felt the air and water made all that go away - but we never tried it for a year!

Good luck out there!

Ben in Raleigh

(late for Saturday morning Housework! Gotta do my share early because State/Carolina play at 12! Ah, little rewards.)

Armond said...

Doug, I stumbled onto your Great Loop account, and I'm sure glad I did. It's interesting and frankly exciting. You and Kathie are getting to know the US in a very enviable fashion.
You many not remember our correspondence of years ago on r.b.c, but I do recall quite well your writings. I am sure you are finding every bit of your past on-the-water experience useful (if not essential) on your trip. Best of luck as you move on.
Armond Perretta
s/v Kerry Deare of Barnegat