Saturday, September 8, 2007

On the Mississippi

Hello everyone:
We apologize for the delay updating the blog. We are docked in Alton, Illinois (GoogleMap link), and have been in the center of a whirlwind of boat work and visits by family & friends.

The first photo shows the view of our last anchorage prior to arriving at Alton; it is behind Diamond Island near Hardin.

Part of cruising with Hank: taking him ashore. It's drizzly this morning and Doug looks a little downcast, Hank is his usual waggy self.

Here is our first view of the Mississippi... the rocky bluffs of the Illinois side overlooking Old Man River. The river junction is a maze of islands & marshes, we noticed the current flowing in from the Mississippi before we could actually see it. This point is a major milestone for the Great Loop!

The view looking back at the junction of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers; the Illinois River is on the right and the town of Grafton at far right; the Mississippi River is on the left. It was a drizzly & misty day. Although one pictures the Mississippi flowing north to south, it bends & twists quite a lot along the way. At this point the river is flowing north-east so this photo is looking toward the south west.

A closer look at the bluffs along the Illinois side. This is near the historic town of Elsah. Last night we were treated to a tour of Principia College on these bluffs by our friend Jane who is an alum.

Our best to you! Doug and Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Doug and Kathie,

Great progress! I am really impressed at the speed that you folks are moving along. At the rate you're going you'll be in south Florida before we are. :-)

We'll be starting our own trip south in a few weeks after spending the summer on Long Island Sound and in the Cape Cod islands. October will see us mostly in Chesapeake Bay as we wait for the end of the hurricane season. With any luck we'll be back in Cape Coral by the second week in November. Hope we get to see you on your way through.


Wayne B