Monday, September 24, 2007

Next step up... Diamond Island to Pickwick Lake

Hello all: we are continuing to cruise upstream on the Tennessee River. We made the next step up, locking through Pickwick Lock & Dam this afternoon.

Here is a photo from yesterday's anchorage: Doug giving the signal to put on some power in reverse to set the anchor. In the other hand, he's holding the anchor rode (nautical term for anchor rope) with one wrap on the sampson post. The wrap takes most of the strain but allows Doug to judge the tension, while watching abeam to see if the boat is moving backwards.... if yes, the anchor is dragging which is not good.

Eileen Quinn (link) has a song about this whole procedure : "The anchor dance." (she also has one called "I'm going to kill the captain..." ... just joking!!!)

Yes, it's still summer here in western Tennessee!

During the day's run we saw a crowd of young people having some good old-fashioned fun with a rope swing over the river. Here you see a very attractive young lady in a bikini going off the rope....

(we apologize that she is slightly out of focus due to hurtling thru the air)

And then the splash!

(Kathie took these photos; giving credit where credit is due, Doug advised to use the 'multiple exposure' setting... you are seeing #2 and #4 of 4 shots)

At Savannah, Tennessee, you can see the Cherry Mansion. This historic house was used by General Grant as headquarters before the battle of Shiloh, and was used as a hospital after the battle.

The house was built on an Indian mound similar to, but much smaller, than the one at Cahokia.

This morning we saw these mahogany beauties running downriver after a classic boat show at Pickwick Lake.

Right now we are anchored near State Line Island (catchy name) watching thunderstorms flash across the upper clouds in the distance. The island is half in Tennessee and half in Alabama; tomorrow, a bit down the river, we will cross into and out of Mississippi within about a 5 mile span.

Here is a link to a GoogleMap of our location- Doug & Hank explored the island, as usual, and report that this one is loaded with sticker vines & old broken bottles.

Best wishes to all
Doug & Kathie

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