Friday, August 24, 2007

Crossing a Big Lake

Hello all: Here is a map to show our route the last week, since we left Beaver Island. Weather has not been favorable, and the zig-zag course we have taken was necessary to keep the bow toward the seas; when waves hit us broadside, we roll! While our boat is comfortable to live on, the engine room is not big enough to install stabilizers.

Here is where we stayed in Manitowoc (link to GoogleMap). You may have noticed that we used
MapQuest previously, but they have just changed the way their website works... or doesn't work, more accurately... so now I am going to revise the links.

Pulling into Manitowoc, we saw the car ferry 'Badger' pulling out. This ship crosses over from Manitowoc to Ludington, Michigan on a schedule during the season.

During World War II, 28 submarines were built in Manitowoc. They reached the Pacific war zone by following part of the Great Loop, through Chicago and down the Illinois & Mississippi Rivers. Then they went thru the Panama Canal and west across the ocean to join the fight. Four never returned and are on 'Eternal Patrol' with their brave crews.

The 'Gato' class submarine USS Cobia was not actually built in Manitowoc, but she is practically identical to those built here. The USS Cobia SS-245 carried out six wartime patrols, was on duty for the Korean War, and then was used as a training vessel for the U.S. Naval Reserve. Now she is a major star of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, which we really enjoyed visiting.

Nothing top secret here, this is the forward torpedo room of the USS Cobia. One can imagine that the crew was eager to shoot all the torpedoes, then they have much more room for their bunks!
Bunks are throughout the ship, and equipment and wiring are throughout living compartments such as the designated bunkroom and eating areas. Incidentally, the submarine service is all volunteer, and some joined because the food was the best in the Navy! The men in the sub force needed to pass various qualifying tests, such as being able to use the Momsen lung (see link) in case of emergency exit from the sub.

Current location, Port Washington Wisconsin.... that's about 25 miles north of Milwaukee, which we're on our way to this morning. If you click on "satellite" or "hybrid" at the upper right of the map, you can see the marina.

(link to GoogleMaps)

Here is a view of Port Washington as we approached the harbor. It's a great port stop, we'd recommend it for cruisers. They had a farmer's market this morning (Saturday) and Hank loved the bike trail.

No kidding, Hank & Doug both loved the bike trail with its creek. Even after four months of cruising they feel compelled to play in the water.

Here is a view looking north-east from the harbor breakwater wall at Port Washington.

Today Saturday we are making a short hop along the Wisconsin shore to Milwaukee, where we will meet a friend's nephew and wife.

We send you all our best wishes
Doug & Kathie

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Anonymous said...

So many ports, so little time! Sorry you missed Traverse City. I've gone to the Maritime school there twice in the past year to recruit and it is a great little town. I also have a friend in Milwaukee who you would enjoy meeting, and vice versa. He's a Brit that occasionally charters in the islands.

I've been working on my two boats for October debuts (maybe). In two days Leslie and I will leave for our cruise, on the Rhine. I hope to be able to follow your adventures on my lap top.

Regards, Norm&Leslie