Tuesday, May 19, 2015

End of an era... Winnie W is for sale


Winnie W is now for sale sold. If you are seriously interested, please contact Deaton Yacht Sales (link)


We have made some smaller cruises in the years since our Great Loop, but we aren't planning any big voyages to justify keeping it.

The sunset photo is not a statement, after all this is the beginning of somebody else's adventure. But it's a pretty view!

Hank is still with us but now he is an old dog and likes to walk slowly around the lawn. Lately he has discovered that he can sit on the couch and watch out the porch windows for wildlife.

It's not as exciting as hunting them, up close and personal, but at 90 in dog years, it's a lot easier on his old bones. We don't have the heart to tell him now that dogs aren't allowed on the furniture.


Thank you all, and we hope that our blog has provided some good info and perhaps a little inspiration.

 .... Doug & Kathie King


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