Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello, We're Just Getting Started!

Hello everybody, we are starting this "blog" to help us keep in touch with all our family & friends... and vice versa. This coming year, we hope to complete a cruise of the eastern U.S. and Canada called the Great Loop. This will take our vessel up the East Coast IntraCoastal Waterway, and the Hudson River & Erie Canal into the Great Lakes, along the Mississippi River & connected waterways to the Gulf of Mexico, then around Florida back into the ICW.

This web log will include journal entries, photos, musings, and info. We hope that you enjoy it. In the map at right, look closely for the dotted line indicating the route we hope to follow.

Doug & Kathie


katysails said...

Oh, goodie! I get to be the first comment! Glad you decided to do a blog so we can keep up with you! Make sure you tell Hank stories!

dlaurie said...

Doug and Kathie,
Great web/blog site ... wish we could go with you on this adventure.
Doug Laurie said...

Good luck and thanks for letting us follow your progress.

Are you planning to spend any time in Long Island Sound or the islands south of Cape Cod? That's where we expect to spend most of our summer once we get headed north in June.
Block Island, Cuttyhunk, Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket are among our favorite cruising destinations. And then there's Maine of course, but that's a big detour.

Briarpatch said...

Hi folks,sounds like a good plan. Appears that you intend to go through the Trent-Severn canal, Georgian Bay & North Chan. Wish we were following you. Take lots of pictures. Good sailing. Julia & Barney s/v Briarpatch

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea to let folks keep up with your adventures.

Is there a planned time table for the cruise? Most importantly, where are you planning to be for hurricane season? I assume you'll head up north this spring, summer in the great lakes and head down to the Gulf in time for prime hurricane season. I don't remember how fast you're thinking of doing the loop, weeks, months, years?

Lois said...

Kathie and Doug,

I"ll be watching and reading. Thanks for including me in this great adventure.

Anonymous said...

I seriously make it a point to read this blog daily. Very well written and informative. It's like being with you sans sea sickness.

Bill Davis

Anonymous said...

Bill Davis again with a few questions. First, is it possible to fish as you cruise? I assume it is but not being a seafaring type I wonder if that would present additional challenges. Second, I note you are headed towards the ocean in the upcoming days. What conditions is your boat rated for in the more turbulent ocean? Lastly, having read of your grounding issues in NJ, I was wondering if this is due to lack of maintenance in the waterway? Would seem to me that if you guys get stuck, almost anyone would.

Wait, one more question. How are you posting to the blog? Do the marinas have wi-fi or do you have a wi fi card on your laptop?

Enjoying the progress.